The future of Neojock

2014-10-24 14:58:04 by Neojock

I'm really thinking about what I've been doing with my music as of late, and I'd like to get into making music for games as a career. Game music has been such a huge part of my life growing up playing titles on the SNES and PS1, and I really want to evoke that same emotion of bewilderment and absolute drive that the music in these games inspired in me. 

The other big step for me is to keep producing EDM and get to a level where I can perform live for an audience, and sell CDs and merch. (Or download cards whatevs). I just wanna thank all my Newgrounds peeps for listening and downloading my stuff the few years I've been here. It really means a lot to get comments on my songs, as feedback is necessary for me to improve my music and connect to my audience. 

I also have twitter now. 




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